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Premier Cricket is always looking for high quality coaches to become part of our coaching team. The following information is provided as a guide and will give prospective coaches an idea of the skills and attributes we look for in selecting our coaches as well as the time commitments required.


Premier Cricket has built a strong reputation for providing coaching of the highest standards. We want to maintain this reputation and are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and dedicated people to become part of our coaching team.


As a coach you are the "face" of our business.  In the mind of the client, Premier Cricket is only as good as the impression our staff leave the client with.  It is therefore important that we hire the right people.


Having a solid background as a player is useful but played cricket does not automatically mean you can coach cricket.  Like playing, coaching is a skill that can be learned and improves with practice.  Often it is your personal attributes which will have a higher bearing on your success as a coach.  Our Coaching System (taught to all new coaches) will very much assist you with your coaching.


In the early days of coaching with Premier Cricket, you will need to be patient while you build a reputation and a clientele. Premier Cricket will provide you with clients initially (and ongoing) but as your coaching skills improve you will find that you become sought out by new clients as a result of referrals from existing (and satisfied) clients.


Please be aware:  coaching is not for everyone and not everyone who begins coaching works out.  There are various reasons for this but at the end of the day, it is our clients who ultimately decide which coaches stay and who leaves.

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Attributes we look for


  • Energy:  Apart from school holiday clinics, almost all of our coaching is carried out on a 1-to-1 basis.  Sessions are very intense and require a lot of energy, patience and focus.  Parents and clients also expect that sessions will be energetic and enjoyable.  Most coaches report feeling drained after three hours of solid coaching.


  • Knowledge:  All forms of knowledge are important and the best coaches find that they never really stop learning and are always keen to develop their body of knowledge in terms of cricket techniques, coaching sequences, drills and equipment as well as general life knowledge and experience.


  • Confidence:  How you present yourself and the information you provide to clients has a large bearing on how you are perceived as a coach.  The more you coach, the more confident and comfortable you will become.


  • Fun:  We take our coaching seriously but we also know that people play cricket for enjoyment.  It is important to inject a sense of fun into a coaching session.


  • Maturity:  Young players will look up to you as an example of how a ‘cricketer’ should be.  It is up to you to present the right image.


  • Articulate / ability to communicate:  Communication is the key to being a good coach.  It is not just a matter of what you say but also how it is said that enhances the exchange of information between the coach and the client.


  • Patience:  It takes time for skills to develop and change.  You will find yourself sometimes saying the same things to a player time after time.  This is absolutely fine and necessary.  The player will ‘get it’ when they are ready.  Your job is to stay with it until they do.



Further points to consider


  • Minimum Age:  It is important we present a professional image to our clients and experience has shown us that ideally coaches should be at least 17 years of age  (we have tried, in the past, to engage younger coaches in an effort to minimise prices to our clients however this has not been effective).  Parents and older clients want to know that the person taking the session has the maturity and skills to properly engage with them and/or their child.  For these reasons, we employ coaches of all ages and the ideal mix in our business is to have both younger as well as senior coaches on staff.


  • Blue Card:  A current ‘Blue Card’ is essential for any one aged 18 years and over who is employed in a role where interaction with children is required.  Premier Cricket is required by law to keep a copy of your Blue Card details on file.


  • Commitment:  This is one of the big factors determining who we hire as coaches.  Clients like to build a rapport with their coach.  If you make yourself available to coach, it is expected that you will be there for your clients on the day and at the time arranged.


  • Flexibility:  The more flexible you can be with the days and times you are available to coach (remembering the need to commit to these times if you suggest them), the more coaching opportunities we can present to you and the faster you can build a client base.  Many of our coaches either play cricket or are involved in cricket on weekends and so, in turn, we offer the flexibility of hours for you to attend training and match days.


  • After Hours Work:  Coaches need to be aware that we work when the rest of the community has their leisure time - this is the nature of the industry.  Most of our coaching begins after school hours (3.30 p.m.) and continues into the evening (up to 8 p.m.).  Weekend work is available to coaches who are not involved in weekend cricket.  Day time coaching is also available during school holiday periods.


  • Timeliness:  In order to present a professional image, it is expected that coaches arrive ahead (15 minutes) of their first session for the day.


  • Reliable Transport:  While having access to a car is desirable, so long as you have a means of attending your coaching sessions, a car is not a necessity.  Premier Cricket, Brendale, is located within 200 metres of the Strathpine Railway Station.


  • Payment:  In order to attract the best coaches we offer, on average, above standard casual employment rates.  Pay rates are negotiated within our guidelines and are commensurate with the coaches age, coaching qualifications and experience and number of clients taken each week etc.





At the present time, all coaching positions are offered on a casual basis.  It is envisaged that as our business grows, more permanent positions can be offered.


If, after reading the above, you think coaching at Premier Cricket would be of interest to you and that you have something to offer Premier Cricket, we would like to hear from you.  Please forward us your contact information and details of any coaching experience you may have.